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Jun 27, 2024 Auto

Wide Drop Bars And Why You Need Them

When you have been in the biking industry for a long time, or you are just heavily interested in it, then you might be familiar with what wide drop bars are and what they are for– however, for those that do not know, here is a quick guide for you:

What Are They?

These specific types of handlebars are wider than standard drop bars and provide extra width for the inventive cyclist. These handlebar models are distinctly broad and most often utilized in road and gravel bicycles. They have a different contour than the normal bars in that they slant downward and expand outwards. The presented design allows the possibility of varying hand orientation, allowing riding a bicycle for a long time with less fatigue.

Advantages of Passing Wide Bars

Enhanced Stability

There are several advantages to adopting a wide drop bar, such as enhanced stability, which is one of the main gains. The wider grip also helps to control the bikes, especially on rough terrain with many bumps, potholes, etc. This makes them famous for gravel and adventure riders who prefer cycling on different terrains.

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Improved Comfort

Drop bars have a vast width, which affords the cyclist extra hand positions, assisting him or her in avoiding fatigue, especially while on a long ride. They can easily be adjusted, as users can interchange positions so that they do not exert pressure on their hands, wrists or shoulders. This is quite helpful during long Cycling tours since comfort is highly desirable throughout the entire journey.

Better Aerodynamics

Nevertheless, commuting flat bars also widen, suggesting that they may likewise boost aerodynamics. The drops are the lower part of the handlebars that cyclists take when they want to get out of an uncomfortable position. Thus, they can be used to adopt a position that will afford better speed as a result of lowering wind resistance.

Choosing The Right Type For You

When choosing which type of bar is right for you, there is no other way than trial and error; you have to try them all out and see which one is the best fit and most comfortable for you, especially when going on long rides.


If you are interested, try them out, as they guarantee success in stability, comfort, and better aerodynamics. Of course, when going on challenging terrains, whether rough off-road or even during long-distance trips, these can add something to your cycling experience and the joy of riding.