Oct 02, 2021 Auto Parts

How to improve a car’s handling and suspension

You must determine whether your vehicle has shock struts or absorbers. A threaded sleeve that extends over your shocks adjusts the height. Vibrations generated by uneven roads and other defects are reduced with shock absorbers. Aftermarket shock absorbers improve the way your automobile handles these bumpy roads significantly.

 Struts perform similar function as shock absorbers. Pedders offer your car a sporty feel while also allowing you to alter the height of your vehicle without changing the springs. Here are helpful tips you can practically implement to enhance your car handling and suspension:

Lowering springs

Lowering springs will not only make your car appear lower to the ground by lowering the ride height, but they also improve handling significantly. It is accomplished by reducing your center of gravity, allowing you to accelerate through corners without the risk of rolling over. On the other hand, lowering the springs makes the ride more difficult since the springs must absorb the bumps in a smaller region.

Sway bars provide additional stability to your car.

By connecting each side of your suspension, sway bars provide your car more stability. Aftermarket sway bars are just a thicker metal bar than stock sway bars, reducing the risk of rolling over and understeer. Instead of braking or rolling through corners, aftermarket sway bars allow you to accelerate through them.


Change the vehicle’s height.

If you raise the height of your automobile, the camber of your tires will alter, and your tires will not be perpendicular to the road, causing the thread on one side of the tire to wear out. Now, camber kits will address this, so you’ll have to determine how much your camber differs from the standard-setting and make the necessary adjustments.

Higher performance aftermarket brakes

 For any high-performance vehicle, aftermarket brake kits are necessary. Braking is essential no matter what kind of car you’re trying to create, whether it’s for the quarter-mile or the circuit track. High-performance automobiles will necessitate high-performance brakes. Don’t expect to get the job done by simply changing the pads on your factory brakes. Another advantage of aftermarket brakes is that they look far better than original brakes and can usually be painted whatever color you like.


Many helper spring manufacturers claim that their systems are suited for big weights, which buyers should be wary of. Regardless of the claims, these assistance springs are bolted straight to your OEM leaf springs, which are NOT designed for severe towing. Under high acceleration and braking, you run the risk of the leaf springs bending with this type of arrangement. As a result of the axle “wind-up,” the truck might drop when you speed and hurl the truck forward when you brake, putting nearly all of the weight of the car and trailer on your front brakes and suspension. Visit Pedders official site for more details regarding the car’s handling and suspension.

Mar 03, 2021 Auto

The Important Brake Parts That You Must Be Acquainted With

Any individual driver, other than the mechanics just need to focus upon the two major parts of the car brake. This includes the rotors and the brake pads. Knowing perfectly about each of these, and their roles in driving can actually save you from a lot of uncertain incidents that are mostly inevitable.

  • About brake pads and brake rotors-Here, the name itself defines about what brake pads can be! These are made up of thick material, can be organic compounds or asbestos which are specifically used in the cars to give a stopping motion through friction. Whereas, the rotors can be considered as the round wheel brakes upon which the pad clamps down so as to slow the motion and stop the car from moving. Thus, as both of these works in perfect sync with one another, it is no doubt that both of them require proper cleaning, care and maintenance to keep all the risks away.
  • Rotor maintenance- You may not require more than 3-4 Rotors throughout your car’s life, however its critical to make sure that the one which is fitted currently is actually in a safe condition or not. The examination is extremely essential as it helps you to find out when and how much change your car needs. On great indicator of your rotor wearing out is when your car is in the standstill condition and the steering wheel still wiggles when it is in your hands. If, there is any grinding noise which you feel while applying force on the brakes, then you must take it as some serious sign of complication. It is the time when you definitely need a replacement. Some people may even suggest you to just get your rotors turned, that means shaving them off till they are as smooth as earlier, however, you must always avoid such practices as it is not going to stay for long!
  • Brake pad maintenance– when it comes to brake pads, your car in itself is very responsive and helps you to easily detect whether it needs some maintenance. If you are noticing some high pitched sounds, or shrill while driving your car, then it’s a clear sign of your brake pads leaving their strength and ability to function well. The manufacturers usually put in a small sheet of metal components within the pad, which is also known as the indicator that gives you a clear idea of when it needs a replacement. It starts giving you the signals when the damage is just 1/4th. So, don’t take it lightly and instantly get your brake pads repaired when you hear it.

So, these were the two major components of your cars’ brakes that you must take care off!