Mar 20, 2024 Auto

Workshop Equipment For Your Cars: Make Your Repair Day Hassle-Free

As a car owner, it is expected that soon you will be facing repair or any replacement of your car parts. Yet, it doesn’t mean you wait for this time to come. If this happens, you need to be prepared; Shop workshop equipment by Aflo to look for the equipment you need.

Unitank oil storage tanks

The Unitank oil storage tank is ideal for storing fresh and waste oil. The tank has a foot pallet and integral galvanized sheet steel. The tank is suggested for installation indoors and can fit with a delivery nozzle. The oil storage tank is a reservoir or container that temporarily holds oil in the stages of processing into other oil products or before consumption.

Based on location, an oil storage tank is classified as the following:

  • surface or above-ground
  • semi-subterranean
  • subterranean
  • underground

Fluid handlers

The fluid system involves several interconnected pieces of equipment, designed to use the energy and mass of a flowing fluid for:

  • Perform work
  • Transfer heat
  • Facilitate processes

The system configuration uses fluid and the purpose of the system varies depending on the application.

Air hydraulic jacks

Hydropneumatic jacks are important for safe lifting operations. So, in case you want to repair something under your vehicle, an air hydraulic jack can be the perfect equipment to help you do the lifting. Once the vehicle is lifted, you can easily work on replacing the tyres or repairing the braking system without any hassle. The system can be moved in a workshop or taken offsite.

Air hydraulic jacks can be carried anywhere. You can bring it with you when driving or traveling so that you can be ready in case you encounter flat tires at places where you are vulcanizing or no car repair is around or near you

Vehicle support stands

Vehicle support stands are equipment or tools used to support the chassis or axle of a vehicle. It allows entry to the bottom of the car for maintenance. Vehicle support stands come in adjustable or fixed heights. The support stands are devices used for holding a person or piece of equipment at an extended or elevated position.

The product area shows a large range of products, such as:

  • heavy-duty jack stands to light-weight
  • easily-adjustable camera
  • speaker stands


Exhaust gas extraction

The exhaust fume extraction system protects the health and well-being of the mechanics and operators. Capturing and removing any harmful fumes at the source, the system keeps exposure to toxic gasses, keeping the vehicle in good condition.

Adding exhaust gas to a charged air can reduce oxygen concentration and increase heat. It can reduce the local peak combustion temperatures and lessen NOx creation. The high-pressure EGR is taken before a turbo and passed through the cooler and valve to the input manifold.