Types of helmets for you to purchase

Oct 08, 2021 Auto

Types of helmets for you to purchase

You should never ride a motorbike without wearing protective gear. Motorbikes are scary vehicles, and you must become one with them to enjoy your riding. Furthermore, there is an extremely minimal margin for mistakes while riding, and wearing a helmet is both necessary and obliged by legislation to safeguard your skull from catastrophic injury. While you’re thinking about getting a new motorbike, think about what sort of motorbike helmets you’d like to wear as well. There are many numerous forms of bike helmets to select from, as there are many various varieties of motorbikes. Each style of helmet has advantages and disadvantages, so you must pick the best one for you. Let us look in details about few types of helmets.

  • Full-face helmet: The best gear for your ride is full-face helmets. Such helmets cover the motorist’s whole head and face. It provides the best safety to the biker and therefore safeguards you from major brain and skull damage. Full-face helmets further prevent air from flowing over the face, reduce sound levels, and prevent rainfall from getting under. These are slightly bulkier than their equivalents, although they are meant to be as lightweight. These headgears are highly suitable for long-duration driving and will provide you with adequate safeguards, allowing you to let up the engine with assurance.

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  • Half face helmet: These types of helmets, sometimes called three-quarter helmets. Protects the motorist’s head but leaves the face exposed. The helmet covers your face and provides a comprehensive view of the scene. These helmets, on the other hand, make you greater vulnerable to head wounds in the event of a crash. Air and sound will enter the headgear, increasing air resistance. This type of helmet allows you to ride with eyeglasses on while also making communication with the gear much simpler. You also don’t have to take off the helmet for short breaks like drinking water or cleaning your face. It is the best option to choose if a complete face helmet chokes you.
  • Modular helmet: Modular headgear is a hybrid of both full and half-faced helmet designs. A modularity helmet’s frontal may be pushed up to transform it to a half-face headgear while driving. Due to the obvious additional bolts and nuts which make it a mixture, the flexible headgear weights a bit more. However, pick the ones that are of an excellent standard, as the screws get loose with time and the headgear reduces its stiffness. Because these helmets aren’t entirely covered, anticipate air, sound, and rainfall to readily get inside. This is the headgear to choose if you want the safety of both full and half-faced helmets. 


Along with the above-mentioned type of helmets you can find many more. Do proper research and then pick the right helmet for you.