The Chance to Get Your Mitsubishi Dream Car with Southtowne Mitsubishi

Aug 23, 2022 Car

The Chance to Get Your Mitsubishi Dream Car with Southtowne Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is one of the leading automotive brands in the world. They produce some top vehicles, such as sedans, SUVs, and trucks. So if you’re asking yourself why you should buy a Mitsubishi car, the real question is why not? With over 100 years in the automobile industry, rest assured that this brand offers top quality. And with a Mitsubishi vehicle, you know what you’re getting. They take pride in their superb and cutting-edge engineering, such as the All-Wheel control! So if you want a Mitsubishi car, Southtowne Mitsubishi is your best mitsubishi dealer.

Southtowne Mitsubishi can help you get your dream car, as long as it’s a Mitsubishi. With their guidance, it will be easier for you to acquire the correct type of vehicle according to your needs and wants. But if you’re still on the fence about this car dealership, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Let’s learn more about them here.

Choose the Model You Fancy

Mitsubishi is a kind of automobile brand that specializes in sedans and SUVs. Now, you can get yours only at Southtowne Mitsubishi. Here, they have multiple models you can choose from. These are Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback, Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Sedan, Mitsubishi Outlander CUV, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport CUV, and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV CUV. They come in various colors, but you should check what colors are available for a particular model. Plus, you can trade your current Mitsubishi vehicle by valuing your trade with them. Choose your 2022 Mitsubishi model now with Southtowne Mitsubishi!

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Compare the Models

One way for you to know which Mitsubishi vehicle is right for you is by comparing it. Thankfully, you can do that on their website. So it’s easier for you to know their price, MPG, and horsepower. It gives you the ability to make a sound decision, especially since you’re buying something that’s already considered an asset. Furthermore, you can learn more about the new Mitsubishi lineup. Remember, every new Mitsubishi vehicle includes a ten-year or a 100,000 Mile limited warranty. Therefore, you know that they will take care of your chosen new Mitsubishi car once you hit these milestones.

Finance Your New Vehicle

Not everyone can afford to purchase a brand new car, especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck. So if you want to get a new model but want to pay in monthly installments, Southtowne also offers financing. Whether a long-term purchase or a short-term lease, they can find suitable financing options for you. However, loaning and leasing are different and largely depend on what’s right for you and several factors.

For those who want to have a new model every year, it’s better to lease because it allows you to upgrade to a newer one for a low monthly payment. However, you don’t own the vehicle. Additionally, there will be mileage limits. On the other hand, loan payments are slightly higher, but the car is yours. So you can make significant modifications to your vehicle, unlike when you’re only leasing.